“Erich’s college, St. Michael’s in Vermont, is one of only a handful of colleges that has a fire house and first aid squad that is run and staffed entirely by the college students. The students service not only the campus, but also the surrounding town. When Erich chose St. Mikes this was not one of the reasons for doing so. However, after his experience on the chair this year when he assisted in the first aid call to the surfer that had almost lost his arm from the skegg of his board cutting through his bicep, he started mentioning getting involved with that group on campus. The training that Erich had received through the years of LIT gave him the confidence to be involved that day on the beach. 
     Back to Erich’s move in day. When he was checking in he spoke to some of the fire and first aid students, who had a table set up in the lobby of the gym, about his training and interest in joining their squad. They were excited by his interest and background. 
     After getting Erich’s room set up we were heading to the car to put some of the boxes and bags away and noticed that there was some commotion on one of the outlying roads. Upon further viewing we realized there had been a recent car accident. Spoken as a very proud Mom, I witnessed Erich head right over to the scene and immediately assess the scene and assist the victims. When the first aid squad showed up they recognized Erich and handed him gloves and asked for his assistance. He was confident in his actions and was an asset to the responders. It was quite a horrific 5 victim accident, where 2 victims had to be airlifted out. 
     Spoken as a parent, bringing your freshman to college is a nerve-wracking experience. However Erich’s confidence and maturity in this situation, confirmed that he was ready for this chapter of his life to begin.
     I am truly thankful for all of the training that LBTBP LIT program has given him. If you were ever wondering if what you do for these kids makes an impact, it does! Thank you for your professionalism.”                                                                                                                                                                      ~Jackie Seeger, Parent

“Through many past summers of participating in LIT, I gained unbreakable friendships and important skills that I needed to advance my career in lifeguarding. This program gave me confidence and experience, which created a seamless transition to lifeguarding when I turned sixteen. The instructors are phenomenal, always creating an educational and challenging environment while making sure to include fun games and activities. They always pushed me to work my hardest and make the most of my time while in the program. I encourage every kid staying in LBI during the summer to give LIT a chance! Overall, LIT made a huge impact on my life and provided a great foundation for the best summer job ever.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~Grace Coleman, Former LIT
“LIT proved to be instrumental during the tween years to help our son find his way from adolescence to adulthood. It taught him courage, persistence, and the ability to get back up and try again when he did not reach his own expectations. He has gained lifelong friends and is now part of a team he is extremely proud of. Even if your child does not want to become a lifeguard I cannot recommend this program highly enough.
        If your child is struggling in school or needs self confidence, or a reason to feel proud of themselves, the LIT staff is equipped and able to help them succeed and find a place to shine, and isn’t that exactly what every child is looking for?”
                                                                                                    ~Linda Bartzak, Parent
“Anne and I wanted to write to send our thanks for the many years that the LIT Instructor team welcomed our two boys, Alquan and Ibn, to the BLIT and LIT Programs and for the learning, the fun and the friendships that this program has provided.  We come to LBI for the best beaches in the world and we think the Lifeguard In Training program is one of the most important elements of our family adventure here.
        The boys and girls develop a network of friends and support in a wonderful learning environment all while being in the water and on the sand.  The LIT staff  have provided the leadership which is the “magic dust” that makes the kids race off every day so that they won’t be late… which is the highest compliment that they can pay.
       Ibn, who is now a first year lifeguard for Long Beach Township, accomplished his first serious response when an older man fell on his beach and he had the presence of mind to first stabilize the man, then call his Captain and request the spinal board to be sure that there were no complications until the ambulance arrived.   Fortunately, this incident was not extremely serious. However, it was fantastic for us to know that Ibn calmly responded just as the LIT staff instructed him.
       Thanks for all you do for us and for safety on the beach in this beautiful paradise.”

                                                                               ~John and Anne Oros, Parents